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High speed ADC to BF537

Question asked by softdefine on Feb 23, 2010
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I already posted similar questions.

But I have to figure out the specific system.


So, I bought an BF537 STAMP board.

and I want to attach it with AD9244-65PCBZ evaluation board.


Here is a question.


To read BF537 STAMP board document, I found that

"133MHz system clock (actual speed needs to be divisible by 25MHz, so max is 125MHz)"


Q1> Then it means, BF537 supports MAX 62.5 MHz PPI bus clock?


I think that I can connect AD9244 Eval boards(operates 65MSPS) via BF-Ez-Extender.

but it seems to be impossible.


is it right? (is the connection and operation impossible?)



If it is that PPI can't support 65 MSPS ADC, then 

Can I adjust(slow down) ADC operation speed by some software setting?

or Hardware Jumper setting?

or in worst case, to use 65MSPS ADC, should I change oscillator on that ADC Eval boards?


Here is the link of ADC9244 documentation


but To read the document it is very hard to figure out that I can adjust ADC's operation speed.