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Calculating RF Choke Inductance on AD8353

Question asked by ChrisH Employee on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2010 by Jim

For the RF gain block, the AD8353, on page 13 of the datasheet (Rev  C), there is discussion of the need for a RF output choke between the power supply and the RF output when operating at supply levels below 5V. It suggests using a 100 nH inductance for high frequency operation.and care should be taken to ensure that the lowest series self-resonant frequency of this choke is well above the maximum frequency of operation for the AD8353.


Then it says "For lower frequency operation, use a higher value inductor."

How is this calculated for different supplies and frequencies.


In my case 3.3 V supply and 400-450 MHz RF.


Can you give the general procedure and an example solving for my case please?