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How can I use BTC in a VDK project?

Question asked by SimonRizzello on Feb 17, 2010
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I'm using a ADSP-21469 processor in an EZ-LITE evaulation kit, and I'm trying to send and receive data over the Background Telemetry Channel (BTC) to a DSP application.


I've been able to run the BTC example project "BTC_CDemo" successfully; this includes the calls btc_init() and interrupt(SIG_EMUL, btc_isr) to initialise BTC and install the interrupt service routines.


However, when I attempt to transplant this code into my VDK application, I am unable to switch between BTC channels (I get a timeout failure.) It appears as if the interrupt handler has not been installed correctly.


Is there a correct way to initialise and install the BTC interrupt handler in VDK projects?