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What can I do to include my interrupt handler routine

Question asked by bookevg on Feb 14, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2010 by bookevg

I use Sharc's processors ADSP-2137x and I want to use 40-bit float point.

When I use 40-bit float point I will use assembler. Otherwise I use C/C++.

So I must write my interrupt handler routine because I must save Dregs.

Course, I can use standart interrupt dispatchers but stack must have 48-bit width.

(Why do manual for compiler mention that stack must have 48-bit width is  absent?)

So I waste my memory space for saving another registers (non Dregs).

Hence I must write my self interrupt handler routine which will be used memory segment.

I want use one DAG register which point to 48-bit memory and deny compiler by used this register.


Also I will use standart interrupt dispatchers for superfast interrupt.


So how can I combine standart interrupt dispatchers and my.


I try use crt_hdr.asm (now I don't remember file name. it locate in next dir src\crt???) and exclude *hdr.doj file from ldr file, but compiler out mistake


When do compiler C/C++ of VDSP++ normally support main Sharc's advantage (40-bit float point)