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Why the memory block is zeroized during declaration?

Question asked by Afinko on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by Afinko

If I declare the variable in SDRAM e.g.:


.align 2;


the DATA_IN_SD has 128Mbit size.

However, even If I do not explicitly zeros this variable, the VisualDSP does, WHY?

The problem is, that zeroizing such big buffer in SDRAM will take approx. 45 seconds for VDSP with EZ-KIT Lite.

I need to wait 45 seconds every time I recompile the program.

I can zeroize this variable inside the program in much less than one second.

I even do not need to zeroize this variable, because first of all, the data from ADC are stored here.


Is there any way, how to declare the variable, but do not zerioze it during compilation?


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