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Logarithmic pot by Index LUT?

Question asked by rszemeti on Jun 15, 2013
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I've got an auxiliary ADC feeding a slew volume control and all the action takes place in the first 30 degrees of pot movement.


I'm using linear pots, so I'd like to feed them through a LUT to convert to something like log, or audio taper.


What is not clear from the documentation is the range of an auxilliary ADC .. is it 0 to 1,  0 to 255?  I need this info to make up the linear interpolated LUT.


I'm inclined to use a LUT becuase I need to include a flat zero section at the beginning to ensure the volume can be turned off completely at minimal pot values .. I've noticed with the standard slew volume control that sometimes it can remain slightly open with 0V on the ADC, depending on how fast your turn it down to zero, sometimes you get a different value .. hoping a LUT with a flat zero section will help with that.


Anyway, range of the auxialliary ADC values is needed I think to construct the log LUT