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HDMI to RGB using ADV7441 and ADV7125

Question asked by elli.bag on Feb 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by mattp


I'm trying to convert HDMI to RGB using the ADV7441 and ADV7125.

From the .pdf i found online, it's a little hard to understand whether or not any microcontroller is implied or I can simply plug in the TMDS and DDC lines to one end and expect RGB on the other?

Obviously I'd prefer a solution that won't require the use of a controller, but I'm not sure how the "Mode" for the Component Processor is selected (automatically?). Is there any indication on which mode the 7441 is operating?


Another question, is about the SYNC pin input to the ADV7125: it's market as SYNC_N in the diagram, but the output from the 7441 is marked simply SYNC - does that mean i need to reverse the value when connecting the two devices?

And I suppose DE is the same as BLANK_N?


Thanks in advance!