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Is there a conflict between the host and ADSP-2181 to read internal PM using the IDMA port

Question asked by bafanelli on Feb 9, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by vishwanath

I have a task ( Host) that checks the integrity
of the Program Memory (ADSP-2181) using the IDMA port.


Sometime an error happens.


In the manual of adsp-2100 (chapter 11-19/11-20) there is this warning:


If an IDMA address latch cycle or an ADSP-2181 write to the
IDMA Control Register occurs after a first Program Memory read cycle (16
bits), the IDMA port will lose the second half of the Program Memory
word. The ADSP-2181 treats the next IDMA access as the first operation
for the new IDMA address and destination.


If i wait  for IACK to assert before accessing the IDMA port.
The DMA transfers should always operate properly, like as it has
been written in the paragraph 11.3.6, doesn't it???




Thanks a lot
for your help