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Embedded IDE Link 4.0 for Analog Device VisualDSP++

Question asked by Windy on Feb 8, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2010 by Windy

Hi Sir or Madam ,


We would like to contact with Joseph Karkoff , he is a famous application engineer from ADI , and  we known that Joe have joined the process for IDE Link 4.0 , and we would like to get some doc from him , because we want it to support all series of SHARC , untill now it just supported ADSP2136x. we have read many information from him , Could you please send us his contact information ?


by the way , we known from foreign website that there is many engineer from ADI charged for the application , but we don't know how to contact with them .


Thanks for every one in EZ , we got many support here during our development , thnks very much , and China's new year is coming , wish everyone here be happy as will .


Thanks .


Best regards




Digital Audio Lab of Huadi