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Available Documentation to use USBi outside of SigmaStudio?

Question asked by ScottM on Feb 6, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by JeradL

Getting ready to order a USBi to work with my upcoming prototype, since my develop board came with another interface.


I would like to use the USBi to setup a I2C CODEC on board and need to send some setup commands to it and maybe read some info back  (not an Analog AD19XX part, or even any Analog part).  Be a shame to have to buy another interface to do this (or force me to get the Microcontroller ready earlier in the qualification).


Anything available to show how to use it outside of SigmaStudio?  (The ability to send and receive packets inside SigmaStudio would be a great additition, Hint).  I'm flexible on usage,  Visual Studio?  API's for a DLL?  .NET?  Don't need usage while SigmaStudio is up, necessarily.


Just asking, I can work around if nothing is documented.