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problem in taking output of ADC in adspbf537 ezkit lite

Question asked by alvin012345 on Feb 7, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by CraigG



I'm plotting the values of the iChannel0LeftIn in the sample audio codec talkthrough but i'm receiving an erroneous output. For example, when i input a pure sine wave using an audio generator to the audio-in of the ezkit, the plotted figure in iChannel0LeftIn is not a sine wave. Do any of you guys know why i'm not receiving the output of the adc properly?


I'm using...


Memory: Blackfin Memory

Address : iChannel0LeftIn

Count: 128

Stride: 1

Data: int


... for my plot configuration.


I think i should receive a sine wave because the iChannel0LeftOut has values coming from the iRxBuffer1 who has values coming from adc ouput.

Can anyone please tell me why the output is not a sine wave? And if ever how can i get to plot the sine wave that i am inputting to the audio-in of the ezkit?


I appreciate any repilies from you guys. Please help..