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BF533 : Prioritizing SPORT0_RX and SPORT1_RX DMAs

Question asked by Mathieu on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Mathieu

I have studied the BF533 Hardware Reference manual and haven't found the answer to the following problem :
I use both SPORT0 and SPORT1 in RX mode using DMA1 and DMA3 transfers to L1 memory.
What happens if while SPORT0 DMA1 is active (currently transferring data from SPORT0 to internal memory) and RX data are available from SPORT1 (DMA3) ? I mean, since DMA1 has a higher priority than DMA3, is the DMA3 stalled as long as DMA1 is not finished ?
Is there any way to have both DMA running ? (interleaving transfers for instance).


Thanks in advance.