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ADAU1701 connection to computer

Question asked by parleam08.extc on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by mmmike

I am thinking of working on ADAU1701 in self-boot mode. I donot have a evaluation kit and am planning to make my own circuit.

But I don't have access to a USBi and cannot afford to buy it now.

Can I make my own I2C bus converter using a simple Atmega32 or something connected to the serial port of the computer.

What should I consider while making that I2C interface or driver for windows?


Is there any other way to connect to the computer to ADAU1701 for programming?


Or is there anyway I can just program the EEPROM from an EEPROM burner and then boot from the EEPROM?


In that circuit I am basically taking 2ch analog input and producing 2ch processed analog output.

Plz help