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Problem setting time of RTC BF537

Question asked by molm on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by SteveM



I am using system services for BF537 for a many of the internal peripherials with success, but now I experience some trouble with the realtime clock. I do not use any callbacks and will only need to set the time now and then and read it later.

When I trace through the code, the adi_rtc_init seems to be executing fine, write complete interrupt is set directly in the RTC_ICTRL register, and a corresponding clear of all the other events are handled in the interruptroutine.

When I later call adi_rtc_SetDateTime, it will set the RTC directly with no interrupt, but the next call to adi_rtc_SetDateTime returns no error, and the registervalue is cached, but no interrupt occures. When stopping execution I can see the the SIC_ISR indicatates that an RTC interrupt is pending, so it may look like the bit has not been cleared. Do I require to do more initialisation before using the RTC.