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AD9833 Function Generator Question!

Question asked by Hedon on Jan 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by BobK

Hey guys, I'm a student at the university and I decided to use the AD9833 function generator for my senior design project. I was planning to use this device on a breadboard, but obviously I did not check the dimensions of this IC when I ordered it. Anyway, it came through today and the thing is the size of a little bug, so obviously I cannot use it on a breadboard. So my question is, how do I work around this problem, does this device (AD9833) come in different sizes (something tells me it doesn't), do I have to buy the development kit (don't feel like spending $100), does AD have a similar IC only omptimized for breadboard use, or do you think I can have it somehow printed on a larger circuit board with pins for the breadboard? Anyway, would be very grateful for any ideas, thanks guys.


- Stan