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I need help in choosing DSP

Question asked by Madwyn on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by kaushal

Hi there,


I am looking for an affordable DSP in price to manufacture a small device  capable of real-time audio effects processing through a microphone. Is there  anybody who can recommend me which DSP could be the most interesting to program  and use for this application? I have seen the series BlackFin might be the  ones, but I am a bit lost in the different models, and maybe I am missing some  other. It would also be very interesting if it contains a good built-in ADC/DAC  to facilitate the design. What about the SHARC series?

The effects I plan to program in the DSP are the basic array: delays,  filters, distortion, modulation, flanger/phaser, pitch shifter, and even a  vocoder.

Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks in advance!!!


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