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How can I map memory if the compiled code segment is more than 2M size for SHARC 21369

Question asked by gggboy on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by Mitesh

Hi, ADI engineers


I am using your SHARC processor 21369. My compiled code size “seg_pmco” is more than 2M bits. So I think the RAM is NOT enough to store the code segment. (The total size for data and code is 2M, right?) So I did the following trial:


Map seg_pmco to  SDRAM, like this:


  seg_pmco { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x08300000) END(0x083FFFFF) WIDTH(32) }


But I got an error message said the “incompatible type”. The with for seg_pmco is 48. If I change the above with from 32 to 48, the error message will be “Invalid memory range and/or width”.


Could you please tell me the best way to solve the problem?