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MII on BF527

Question asked by savinat on Jan 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2010 by BobK

Hi to all

I want to use the MII interface to connect the BF to PHY device wich is DP83848c. I saw that all pins of PORTG are used fot MII interface, so in PORTH_FER register i write 0xFFFF to alow the phefipherial function. In the PORTH_MUX register in the manual i saw that the Mux signal for the first pin PH0 - PH7 are for RMII so what is the value to use the 1st alternate function but for All pin to be MII signals?? And for PORTG the pins 14 & 15 can i use the MII MDC signal and MII PHYINT?