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21363 - mixing 48-bit and 32-bit memory

Question asked by nmf777 on Jan 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by nmf777

Hi all, I've been using a 21363 for several years now and my application has gradually been growing in size.  This week I pretty much ran out of 48-bit program memory.  My data requirements are not large so I'm looking to shrink my DMDA block and use the space for a new segment of PMCO.  I've been reading the reference manuals where it talks about mixing 32-bit and 48-bit memory within the same block but I just can't get it to work.  To understand the principles of how to calculate address boundaries correctly I've tried to create a tiny new area of PM in the same block that has 32-bit data memory.  Nothing I do seems to work and I get linker errors which complain about invalid block addresses etc


I can't seem to find any specific application note that helps with this.  Does anyone have any advice?  Maybe I can't do what I'm trying to do (although the manuals suggest I can).  I'm at home right now and can't post my LDF but I'll post an extract from it when I can and maybe someone could tell me where I'm going wrong, TIA