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Synchronizing Multiple PLLs

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by Kevin.G

Does anyone know of a circuit or application note describing how to synchronize multiple PLLs on seperate boards?  I want to syrnchronize two ADF4360-0 on seperate boards, but to have just one crystal oscillator on one board and then buffer it and send it to the other board.  The main conern I see is the delay it will take the clock to reach the second board.  I have an idea I could use a clock distribution chip with programmable delay, like the AD9515, but I didn't know if this has been tested or if there is a different, simpler, or cheaper solution.  My crystal reference clock will be 10MHz and I am looking to generate 2.4GHz in the ISM band.