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Timer clock frequency on EZ-KIT 21469

Question asked by Alcor on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by Mitesh



There is a problem of mismatch between calculcations and experiment with the GP timer...


If I set the period register, TM0PRD, to 7FFFFFF, I get an interrupt every 19 s.

If I calculate the timer clock frequency from this figure I get:


Timer clock period = (time between interrupts in sec)/(content of TM0PRD) = 19/134 217 727 = 8.85e-9 sec

Timer clock frequency = 1/Timer clock period = 113 025 455 Hz


Assuming that the periferal clock frequency (that is applied to the timer input) is the (core frequency)/2, the latter is only 226 MHz (with settings in the Init_PLL_DDR2 file). This seems too slow. So what is the real core frequency for the EZ-KIT? And what is the timer clock frequency? (it looks as if there is one more division by 2)