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Blackfin BF532 information

Question asked by kospav on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by TomA

Hi to everybody it might concern with this.I am a Ph.D candidate and i want to build a laboratory prototype for power electronics.My supervisor prof gave me  a BF532 DSP ez-kit to work with, in order to measure 6 analog signals of 0-3.3 Volts and afterwards to produce 10 digital very fast (100kHz) PWM outputs according to an algorithm between measured signals.The algorithm includes mathematics (+, - , * , / , mean and rms value calculation of some analog signals).First of all,is it possible this to be done, because i read that BF532 is a fixed point dsp instead of floating point that might be better solution.Second,can this experiment kit measure analog signals or it needs extra daughter cards?Thanks in advance for your help