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Using ADN-8831 TEC driver with a 0.8V/1.8A TEC

Question asked by pavanbabut on Jun 14, 2013
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I am very interested in using this IC to control an APD TEC that has maximum TEC ratings of 0.8V/1.8A. Looking at the specs of ADN-8831, I am guessing it can be used and I am thinking of getting the eval board and try it out. Before going ahead and buying the EVAL board, could someone back me up on my decision?


This is going to be used with an APD diode for which I have attached the spec sheet. Its a normal RTD type TEC and has Thermistor pins and +/-TEC pins. The optimum temperature for the diode is 26C and I would like to use a temperature range of 0C to 50C and set the temp at 26C. The typical thermistor value is 5.1K and can be calculated at any temperatures with the provided equation. The model I am looking at is LLAM-1060.


Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.