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Mac address difference results in network problem in bf561 ezkit with LAN-extender?

Question asked by xerox on Jan 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by xerox

Hi all,

     I run the project "inetd-bf561.dpj" in bf561 ez-kit with USB-LAN ez-extender.I can configure the mac address by using "tcp ip configuration manager" plugin instead of acquire it from EEPROM. When I set it to "08-08-00-C8-00-08", the project works well. However, when I set it to "08-00-C8-00-08-08", the project doesn't work, the device has no reply to my "ping" command. The difference between these two projects is the mac address. I don't think the mac address will cause this problem.    



     Visual DSP++ 4.5 , updated Feb 2007.

     BF561 ez-kit with USB-LAN ez-extender.

     The project is example project locates at "d:\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 4.5\Blackfin\Examples\USB-LAN EZ-EXTENDER\LAN\INETD\BF561".

     I add "tcpip configuration manager" plugin to this project and set different mac address.

     I set my PC' s IP address to "" and I set the device's IP address to "".


Attachment is the project that does not work. When I change the mac address to "08-08-00-C8-00-08", it works.


Need your help.