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bulkadi.sys driver and Windows 7

Question asked by Jason on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by DavidS

someone posted a similar comment in relation to another topic but it didnt appear to be answered. I have the same problem.


My new laptop has Windows7 and it works with VisualDsp 5.0 + update 7. I was also able to connect with my HPUSB-ICE emulator.  However, the ADSP kit bulkadi.sys usb drivers appear to be broken. I cant connect my USB LAN EZ-Extender.


When i plug the device in, Win7 searches for a driver, then allows me to browse for a driver. I browse to the bulkadi host directory in vdsp 5 and choose bulkadi.sys. it returns "Windows was unable to install your Blackfin USB-LAN Extender USB"


Did i read somewhere it is just a case of rebuilding the driver under a 64bit vista or win7 environment? Or some other issue?


thanks in advance