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ADSP-21469 LinkPorts Bi-directional communication

Question asked by gopakumar on Jan 11, 2010
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I am trying for inter-dsp communication between 2 ADSP-21469 Ezkit boards (board0 and board1) through the link ports. The core clock is 450MHz (being configured internally in the program) and the link clock is 150MHz. The 2 boards are connected to each other through their link ports (LP). Both the DSP's are controlled by a single ADZS-USB-ICE.

I need to change the direction of link port communication exactly half way between two adjacent word clocks (WC) ie. for the first half of the WC, LP0 of board0, LP0 of board1 are transmitters and LP1 of board0 and LP1 of board1 are receivers. During the next half, directions of LP0 and LP1 of both the dsp's changes ie. LP0 of board0 and board1 are receivers and LP1 of board0 and board1 are transmitters.

I am using DMA for link port data transfer.

My word clock frequency is 48KHz.

Will there be any issues if I change the link port direction mid-way between the word clocks?

Will it affect the reliability of link port communication?

What are the programming considerations that should be taken care of, while changing the link port directions?


I am using VisualDSP++ 5.0 with update7.


Thanks in advance.


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