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Booting via FLASH - ADSP-TS201s

Question asked by Sid on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2010 by Sidharth

Hi All,


I am using Numonyx- JS28F128J3D-75 FLASH in my custom board consisting of ADSP-TS201S and Stratix-II FPGA.


I have successfully programmed the flash and verified its contents against my loader file.


However, the flash contents get verified succesfully only if I write to it from sector 1 onwards ( the flash has 128 sectors).


For sector 0, the verification fails. On debugging and further iterations, I came to the conclusion that a certain part of the section might be write-protected due to whcih verification fails. So, I think I need to define an offset for programming the flash.


Now, when ADSP-TS201S boots from the flash, on BMS, it tries to take the data from a default position (defiend in the bootloader). But now that I have a different location where the flash contents have been stored, I need to change this location.


Can someone please tell me , how I can change this location? WHich file do I need to modify to change this offset?


Thanks and Regards,