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VDSP Update 5.7 -- include file behaviour

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jan 10, 2010
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Got the following include file behaviour weird ness -- any suggestions on what bit I need to twiddle to fix the following?


I have Visual DSP 5.0 update 7 on a lap-top  and on a desk-top


I have a file main.cpp with


#include <EmbeddedUnit/EmbeddedUnit.h>

in it where EmbbededUnit.h is in the VDSP include file directory EmbeddedUnit


Inside EmbeddedUnit.h I have the line

#include "../../config.h"


The desk-top treats the "../../config.h" include request as a relative command from the directory where EmbeddedUnit.h is placed

while the lap-top is treating the #include "../../config.h" include request as a relative command from the directory where project .dpj file is placed


The error messages are also weird -- being slightly different in format between Lap-top and

I have modifed the main to have    #include "../../XXX.h"

The lap-top error message is -- can't find source file "C:\XX.h"

The desk-top error message is can't find source file "../../XX.h" unless thats because the desk-top project directory is buroed so deep in the structure that giving an absolute path name would be useful (meaning the difference is because thats the way VDSP works)


Another total weirdness is it happens with a TigerSHARC project and not a Blackfin project on the lap-top and works for both on the desk-top -- and I actually used the same project and just changed the project options (between build with BF simulator and TS with 2 processors)


The only difference I can see is the desk-top is using HPPICE interface and the lap-top is using a HPUSB-ICE interface, although what the drivers have got to do with it I can't possible see


I must some environmental variable thats different -- any suggestions