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BF512F - SPI1 in DMA mode: how to enable interrupts?

Question asked by mauri1106 on Jan 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2010 by mauri1106

Hello all,

I'm using BF512F and I would use SPI1 in DMA mode, but looking into the DSP's Manuals I'm not able to find how to enable Rx/Tx Interrupts in this case.

Moreover, only "adi_int_SICEnable(ADI_INT_DMA7_SPI0)" command is recognized from VDSP 5 (updt 7) using system services routines.


Reading DSP Manuals, it seems that is not possible enable neither DMA or Interrupts for SPI1.


Could someone help me to clarify, please?