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shell_browser and USB flash device compatibility

Question asked by Remy on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by MartinK



I am using the EZ-KIT BF526 with the "shell_browser" example. I have troubles using the USB flash devices. I have tried several of them but still get unstable results. I tried 1GB, 2GB FAT16, 4GB FAT32 devices and all of them have the logo "USB2.0" as recommended in another topic on the forum.


Here are the symptoms :

     - some flash drives do not mount

     - some flash drives hang-up the software (must be power cycled)

     - on the flash drives that are mounted, i try to read several times the same file (typing by hand the 'cat' command). After 3 or 4  reads, the operation fails and the SW is stucked.


Does anyone has experienced the same problems ?

Is there a list of supported Flash Drives ?



Thanks for any idea !