VDK memory issues

Discussion created by Syncopath on Dec 29, 2009
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Hello Guys,


I'm having memory problems with the VDK,  when converting the ppi sensor program we just made into a VDK application it does'nt fit into the blackfin memory.  Does the VDK really comsumes that much memory?


When our program is just a standard application it does not have this kind of problem. I'm converting our program to a VDK application for it to be ready for the merging with our lwip ethernet application which is also a VDK application.




I've already got it to fit into the blackfin and is currently running smoothly but I would still want some answer about the VDK memory if its the just the same with the standard application.


Another question, how do I start a thread from another thread? jumping from one thread to another..

I have both threads ready.. the lwip thread and the sensor thread, now I'm going to run the PPI thread 1st after aquiring the image and storing it at the SDRAM i will now require the lwip thread to start.. now how to do that?


Please help..