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Detection of Digital-RF Signals - How?

Question asked by WilliamStroupe on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by WilliamStroupe

I have a 418 Mhz carrier (from a non-ADI transmitter chip Mfg) digitally modulated with a digital data stream at less than 5 Khz. The modulated carrier "chirps" about 3 times per second, with each chirp lasting about 120 milliseconds. I want to detect and verify the presence of this digital RF signal. I don't need to make accurate power measurements - I only need to verify the signal's presence.


Can I use an analog RF probe that uses exotic low barrier microwave detector diodes, attaching the probe to my digital scope to see the voltage that should be registered during each chirp of the transmitter? Or, will the detection of this digital RF signal require something more exotic?


Also, does ADI offer a detection chip suitable for detecting digital-RF signals? And a simple (as simple as possible) application circuit for constructing a digital-RF probe or antenna-based detector?