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Constructor function not called

Question asked by PaulB on Dec 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by PaulB

I'm working on the SHARC 21469 using C++ code.  The class has a constructor function defined in its .h file shown below.  I'm expecting the class constructor to be automatically called at the start of execution, but it never gets there.  I'm able to set breakpoints in the process() and setparms() methods, but not in the constructor or destructor (it looks like no code is being generated).  I tried disabling inlining, but this made no difference.  I also tried looking for the constructor function in the disassembly window but cannot find its symbol.


Please help me get the constructor function called.  Thanks!





class csfclass



float m_gain; // public property


csfclass() // constructor


m_gain = 0.1f; // set default value in constructor

printf("test constructor executed! \n"); // output to console if constructor function called by runtime



void process(float *lfront, float *center, float  *rfront, float *lsurround, float  *rsurround, float *sub)


*lfront *= m_gain;

*center *= m_gain;

*rfront *= m_gain;

*lsurround *= m_gain;

*rsurround *= m_gain;

*sub *= m_gain;





void setparms(floatparm)


m_gain = parm;


~csfclass() // destructor


printf("test destructor executed! \n"); // output to console if destructor function called by runtime