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Observing Automatic Vars in Debug

Question asked by Laz on Dec 22, 2009
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Is there a way to observe local/automatic variables during debug with an ICE?  I understand that these values may be stored in Registers, which may be re-assigned, but having the Expressions window report "ERROR: Unknown var" is not helpful.  Instead I have to examine the assembly code and pull up the relevant register viewer.  Seems very cumbersome for this level of IDE.


This also happens with passed parameters.  Here is a silly example.  If I break on the return statement and try to see tempVal, newVal, or modulus, the emulator will say that it doesn't know how to evaluate these variables.


UINT modulo( UINT newVal, UINT modulus)


     UINT tempVal;


     tempVal = newVal % modulus;


     return tempVal;




Am I missing something?