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PPI and VDK problem

Question asked by Syncopath on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by SFernandez
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Hi guys,


We've successfuly created a PPI application using VisualDSP++ and we're able to capture images and use it. However our project involves the use of the ethernet and TCP/IP. Lwip uses the VDK and we're also successful in creating an ethernet application based on the examples in the VisualDSP++, we are already able to send long doubles and charactes thourght TCP/IP to our server.


The problem is when we try to combine the two projects, one or both of them won't work correctly.

First, I've tried making a PPI thread using the VDK, transferring our original PPI code to the thread but our program fails to write data to the SDRAM when our code is transferred to the thread.



My question is, how do i correctly write a PPI program using the VDK?

does it differ from creating a PPI program without the VDK?


Sorry for the simple questions,