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BF-527 is not booting from flash

Question asked by M.Antony on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2009 by mkokaly

I have a boot problem with my BF527 board (custom board). The program works fine on Emulator but when I burned it on a flash, it does not boot.

I have monitored the chip select lines of the Flash memory during booting. But the processor does not seem to assert these lines. As per earlier discussions, I have tried to open the Emulator in "Not Disturb mode". I found that he programs loops in an infinite loop in the Boot ROM address space


A few code lines where it loops are given below


0xEF000748     (R7:0 ,P5:0) = [SP++];

0xEF00074A     CC=R0==R0;

0xEF00074C     IF CC JUMP0;

0xEF00074C     RTS;