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Firmware upgrade on BF53x

Question asked by Amruta on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by PrasanthR



How is firmware upgrade implemented on Blackfin processors.


Target Processor:  BF531.

Target Board: Custom made.(However evaluation board BF533 if right now used for development and examples reffered below are on BF533 Ez-kit)



Feild upgradation of DSP firmware.



We have two processors on board BF531(slave) and OS based processor(Master) communicating on SPI with BF531.

Firmware upgrade dxe will be received on SPI from Master. We have to store this to FLASH memory of DSP in memory location other than existing code.

On reset the new application should run. Again when next upgrade is available new application will be stored at old exe location.

A flag will be stored in a reserved memory location in FLASH to identify the new write address for the application.exe during firmware upgrade, same can be used to identify the current application address while booting.


This is however a high level design for firmware upgrade. Kindly let us know if this design is fine or is there any other way for firmware upgrade.


If possible please let me know how to go about implementing this for custom board. I am reading EE notes and loader manual as a start.


Following are few things I carried out:

1. I have tried out the multi dxe application code. And am able to switch beetween two dxe's.

2. I have combined flash programming code into the LED blink code and am ready to program FLASH with exe2 from LED1.exe


Things I need help on:

1. In case 2 from above, I still have to identify how to actually put exe2 into FLASH while running from exe1

2. I am totally unsure of how to handle boot code and LDF files for memory mapping.


Thank you very much for your replies, they would be helpful.