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Streaming 32-bit data from Memory to a File

Question asked by climb2him on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by bmack

In running a Simulation on the BF518 in VDSP 5.0 with Update 7, I had problems streaming data from memory to a file.


I set up a stream in VDSP (Settings->Streams->Add..), selected a memory location that was in the valid streaming range (0xFFD00000-0xFFD00FFF), specified the output file, and selected a format of Hex32.


In my program, then I set an int32_t* pointer to the memory location from which I'm streaming.  I use that pointer to set the value at the memory location to whatever I want to stream to the file.  After running the simulator, the file only contains the lower 16-bits of the data that I want.

How do I get the full Hex32 to stream to the file?


Also, I'm assuming that memory locations 0xFFD00000-0xFFD00FFF are reserved for streaming.  I didn't see in any documentation that these addresses were mapped to any system or core registers.


I seem to be able to stream Hex32 data from an external file to these memory locations.