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Watch Dog on SHARC DSP

Question asked by Afinko on Dec 6, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2009 by Afinko

In ADSP-2137x datasheet there is written:

Peripheral Timers:
Two general-purpose timers can generate periodic interrupts
and be independently set to operate in one of three modes:
• Pulse waveform generation mode
• Pulse width count/capture mode
• External event watchdog mode


How does work the "External event watchdog mode" ?

There is nothing written about "External event watchdog mode" in Programming Reference, as well as in Hardware Reference.


Is there some application note about how to create a software/hardware Watch Dog on SHARC DSP?

Does someone has a good idea how to create a software Watch Dog with a very small core load and as small as possible registers affections?