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SSL/DD, VDK System Design

Question asked by SteveVan20 on Dec 4, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by shimon

I am designing a system using the BF533 that is taking data in a SPORT, doing some processing, then shipping it out the SPI port. I am planning on using VDK and would like to program in C++. The data I will be handling is packetized and variable length. Meaning, I won't be streaming data and the data will not always be the same length. I am new to VDK and would like some system design advice.


Here are my current design thoughts,

have an ISR to handle the data input from the SPORT,

trigger a task that posts a message to another task to do the processing.

When processing is done, send message to another task that kicks off the SPI transfer


My biggest question is should I roll my own SPI/SPORT drivers and ISRs or use the SSL/DD modules provided by ADI? If i am programming in C++ can I use these modules? It seems the device driver model provided with VDK is outdated according to the VDSP++ 5.0 user this true? Are there any examples using the SSL/DD model with VDK in C++? I watched the online training that talks about using the SSL/DD modules with the source code for that training posted anywhere?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!