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Question on DSP selection for my ANC design.

Question asked by cklau on Dec 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by TomA

Dear forums; I am currently designing an Active Noise control  products that reduce annoying unwanted noise outside a noisy electronics equipment (i.e a fridge , air conditioning system ,hair dryer and etc) and would like to know anyone could help me with some of the question below:- 1) Which is the best range of AD DSP products that I can choose from? 2) Is it using an ASP(analog signal processor) better than DSP for ANC ? 3) Is there any developement kit out there where I can make purchase for my evaluation purpose? 4) Are there any system reference design kit which I can refer to? 5) How much does it cost to build a prototype unit of an ANC device ? Please advice. Thankyou in advance. Sincerely; ~Cklau~