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ADE7753 calibration factor.

Question asked by ErichNast on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by hmani

I would like to know if the -0.0244%/LSB error adjustment factor given in the datasheet for the ADE7753 should be an absolute value?  Or is there factors that can infuence it?


Calibration setup.

I am using a custom phantom feed setup to supply energy and using a reference standard to determine the error.  The source is not very stable and runs at a power factor of 0.93.


  1. Observation.

When determining the WGAIN factor, the error is divided by -0.0244.  This often gives WGAIN values that does not remove the error effectively.


As an example:  if the error is 5.03% the WGAIN is determined to be -206.  After entering this value the error is -0.3%.  Adjusting the WGAIN value to -195 gives a 0.01% error.  These results are repeatable.

Another example:  The initial error of another meter is 4.34% and the WGAIN is set to -178.  This adjusts the error to -0.2%.  Setting the WGAIN to -168 gives a 0.05% error.



1.       Is the -0.0244%/LSB value given in the datasheet an absolute?

2.       What factors is any can influence this value?