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Host DMA issue

Question asked by jpb on Nov 30, 2009
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I am getting a strange behavior when using Host DMA transfer (external processor to Blackfin).


For instance, If transfer 16 words (1,2 ... 15, 16) to the base address 0x403EC0 (SDRAM Bank 1) and then look at the VDSP window "Blackfin Memory", all the 16 words are 0x0. But if click in one of these memory address and set a value manually, all the 16 words magically appear in red. If i don't do this process, my program always see (0x0) at these memory region.


In attach the picture of my VDSP showing step-by-step the process.


Ps. There are some memory regions that i dont have this problem and works well.


My environment:


VDK 5.0 update 5

BF527 rev. 0.2

Any ideia?