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problem of "Ctrl + wheel of mouse" to zoom in or zoom out the screen

Question asked by zhu on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by piero


I find some problems when I use SigmaStudio

1: If I use “Ctrl + wheel of mouse” to zoom in or zoom out the screen  , The parameter of every component can not be modified , only “rename” , “connect”  , “move”  can be operated. And every component displaying is not every clear,Many design tools support this function for example Coreldraw..

2: How can used a Sine Tone to generate a sine and cosine signal at same time , If used a filter , Group delay maybe occur ;If used delay unit , many RAM units are used  .

3: How can I get a EvalBoard  ,I am going to use ADAU1401A  sigma DSP. I am in Shenzhen  Guangdong P.R.C

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