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Using the wear leveling library (ftl)

Question asked by hmluk on Nov 25, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2009 by hmluk

We have developed our own BF548M board for an industrial ultrasound application. On the board is an ST nand flash. From the BF548 examples we assumed that the formating and using the nand flash as a FAT32 filing system would be no problem. However when we run the  "NandFormat" example on our board we get:-


!!!! A valid license has not been found !!!!
Please contact HCC Embedded ( to arrange a license.

Failed to initialise PID, Error Code: 0x00000001


No where can we find any documentation that suggests that the ftl code is proprietary and that the examples can only be used with ADI developed hardware.


Can anyone confirm that this is the case?


If it is, then I think that ADI should make it clear in the readmes. This would prevent developments based a false premise.