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BF54x EMUDABL bit and SDRAM reading by JTAG

Question asked by gter on Nov 24, 2009
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    Setting EMUDABL bit on BF54x causes ignoring JTAG instructions but HWR says: "Standard emulation commands such as bypass is allowed". Phil Giordano in Online Training Presentation (thank you Phil for detailed video) said: "Public JTAG instructions neccessary for system test and debug (such as boundary scan and bypass mode) remain in effect and are not hindered by Secure Mode operation." On slides there was "Analog Devices JTAG emulator is part of the Private JTAG instuctions". I really couldn't find out the full list of public JTAG instuctions from IEEE 1149.1 standard. May be this document is too hard to undestand for me.

    The question is: if I use ADI JTAG emulator can I read or write external memory (DDR SDRAM) in Secure Mode? What if I use non-ADI JTAG emulator?


    Thank you.