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TWIDIV for 400 kHz Operation on ADSP2146x

Question asked by AMerryGiraffe on Nov 23, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2010 by vishwanath

From my understanding of the hardware reference manual it says TWIDIV = CLKLOW + CLKHI = TWI_CLOCK period / 10 MHz time reference.  Is the "10 MHz time reference" really a constant or is it derived from another setting?  In the I2C spec, the 10 MHz reference appears to only be applicable for HS mode.  Since I’m not using a HS part does the value of the prescale in TWIMITR really get set to PRESCALE = fPCLK/10 MHz or is that something different also?  I ask because I have a scope attached to an ADSP-21469 EZ board and SCL is 200 kHz when TWIDIV = 0xC0D.