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VisualDSP++ Linker file newbie questions

Question asked by Sid on Nov 23, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2009 by Sid

Hi All,


I am a newbie, as far as using Visual DSP++ is concerned and I have a few queries. I am using Visual DSP++ 5.0


1. The .ldf (Linker Description File) can be generated in C,C++ or assembly language. Although I am writing my code in C language, I am more comfortable in generating the linker file in assembly language (asm file). Is it ok if I use an assembly language linker file for a C code?


2. My code has a function adc_controller() which I have declared and defined in my code. However my code is giving me an error, as

[Error li1021]  The following symbols referenced in processor 'P0' could not be resolved:
        'ADC_Controller [_ADC_Controller]' referenced from '.\Debug\ADC_CONTROLER.doj'


I have referred to earlier posts regarding this error as well as VisualDSP++ help. From this, I know that I need to make sure that the above symbol is included in my .ldf file. But I am slightly confused as to how do I define a function as a symbol in my linker file? And which of the following is exactly the missing symbol name? - ADC_Controller or _ADC_Controller?


Please reply as soon as possible.


Thanks and Regards,