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How to boot program memory to the SDRAM

Question asked by Afinko on Nov 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2010 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan

I came to the state, when the internal program memory area in ADSP-21371 is small enough for my program. It is approx. 25 % of the internal RAM, the next 75 % are for data and can not be reduced.


Therefore I put several programs parts to the SDRAM and they are executed from SDRAM. It is very effective, because the program, that is intensive for speed is in internal RAM and the rest of the program (mostly for configuration etc. ) is executed from SDRAM. This works great, because I am working with EZ-KIT Lite and the program is putted to the SDRAM by Visual DSP by "Rebuild All".


The question is:
How to add program to the SDRAM in "stand alone" hardware, where the DSP is booted from SPI FLASH?
I know that Visual DSP is able to create the "ROM" file, that can be programmed to the FLASH, and then the DSP is booted from that FLASH.
If I will use a big enough FLASH, it is possible to create the "ROM" file by Visual DSP, that will include the internal program and data memory as well as SDRAM program and memory parts?