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Error by Flexible License Manager

Question asked by meghadaga on Nov 17, 2009
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I am facing a licensing issue with Visual DSP. I am working on Win XP and am using VDSP v4.5 on BF533 processor.


I installed Visual DSP on an application server (Win 2003 server) and I also validated a blackfin license on it. If I go and check the licenses I can see Validated (Permanent) in front of Blackfin. But when I try to open VDSP environment I get below error:


ERROR: Terminal Server remote client not allowed


License Path: E:\AnalogDevices\VisualDSP4.5\System\license.dat

FLEXnet Licensing error:-103,577


It looks like it is a licensing issue. The license I have is a multiple use license and the only other system I have used it is on my personal machine. Is there an issue to use this on an application server. Is there something specific I need to do to make this work.